The Training Market is based in New Zealand, where all the good software comes from! Our business comprises two main activities; developing and servicing the award winning 'Virtual Coach' eLearning platform, and the development of interactive eLearning courses.

  • Virtual Coach eLearning Platform

    The Virtual Coach is eLearning or ‘computer based training’ with a difference. Most of the content for the programme does not even require an internet connection, so it doesn’t matter whether you are on dial-up or broadband.

    The Virtual Coach eLearning system is one of the most flexible learning development applications available, and is thus an ideal tool for those wanting to develop materials to accommodate learners with varying numeracy and literacy needs.

    Virtual Coach has been developed with the needs of the learner being the primary driver. Many other eLearning solutions are designed with the restrictions of bandwidth and the needs of the learning administrator being the primary driver.

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  • Virtual Coach Developer

    Virtual Coach Developer is used to create the learning.

    Virtual Coach Developer tool enables organisations and training providers to develop their own training. The Training Market has integrated video-editing functionality within the same package that learning modules are developed in.

    The Virtual Coach licensing process enables trainers to produce unique stand-alone highly visual modules. The modules can be mix-and-matched with those developed by other Virtual Coach module developers.

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  • Virtual Coach Player

    Virtual Coach Player is what employees and trainees learn with. Virtual Coach enables users to access highly visual content delivered from the computer or over the web.

    Virtual Coach Player aims to replicate the benefits of a buddy trainer. It shows a person how to do a task, demonstrates best practice etc. It also enables their learning to be assessed and monitored... great for health and safety and induction training.

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