Vlenza - Virtual Coach Player

At last - an eLearning media player that is highly visual, interactive and very flexible. Virtual Coach Player is what trainees learn with. A single licence provides access to use the Virtual Coach platform for many modules.

Virtual Coach Player is what trainees learn with. Modules are high quality video that include a combination of still images, audio, text, web-links and assessment questions; it’s highly interactive learning.

Virtual Coach Player is what employees and trainees learn with. Virtual Coach enables users to access highly visual content delivered from the computer or over the web. 

Virtual Coach Player aims to replicate the benefits of a buddy trainer. It shows a person how to do a task, demonstrates best practice etc. It also enables their learning to be assessed and monitored... great for health and safety and induction training.

Virtual Coach Player is free to download and install on any Windows computer.  Each user will need a licence to access and view modules.  A single licence provides unlimited access to modules that you have been assigned to.   You can download and install Virtual Coach Player onto as many computers as you wish, there is only one licence fee.  Note: there may be additional charges for third party developed modules.

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