It is an eLearning course that people of all ages can do on their computer. It is designed to make the practical component of barista training more cost effective and quicker.

The Content

There are seventeen modules in the course. The modules are: Machines, Equipment, Grinding, Dosing, Tamping, Extraction, Roasting, Storage, Tasting, Milk, Beverages, Milk Design, Orders, Coffee Production, Tea, Perfect Tea, Tea Production. The following sections provide a short 20 second segment from each module. These segments exclude the interactive components of the course.

  • Barista - Machines

    In this module we cover the main type of commercial espresso machines; semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic.

    Barista - Machines Video
  • Barista - Equipment

    This module covers the parts of the espresso machine as well as all of the other equipment items that a barista users. Learners become familiar with the correct names for everything.

    Barista - Equipment Video
  • Barista - Grinding

    The grinding module covers the principles of grinding, the difference between making the grind coarser versus finer, and the technique for adjusting the grinder.

    Barista - Grinding Video
  • Barista - Dosing

    The three main types of dosing are covered in this module: level dosing, chamber dosing and 'mountains and valleys'.

    Barista - Dosing Video